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Dewitt Perry Middle School Building

Campus History

The rich history of this school can be traced to the earliest days of the Carrollton school district. A two-story, red-brick building, which was the first school officially constructed by the district, was built on this site in 1915. In 1936, a new building, known as Carrollton High School, was constructed at the same location, and it remains as the nucleus of the school today. The school became DeWitt Perry Junior High in 1962 when the new R. L. Turner High School opened. DeWitt Perry is named for DeWitt Clinton Perry, son of A.W. and Sarah Perry, who donated his portion of his father’s estate to the school district in 1915. A. W. Perry settled the land on which the school now sits in the early 1800s. The school’s gymnasium is named in memory of his sister, Harriet Perry Warner.