The Mighty Eagle Band Program is rich in a tradition of excellence and quality in musical performance.  The success of the band program centers on pride, commitment to task, and the willingness to work hard to achieve a common goal.  We do not expect every student in the band to become a virtuoso musician.  We do expect every student to establish both short and long-range goals for improvement on his/her instrument, to exhibit mature, responsible attitudes and actions at all times, and to be willing to contribute lots of hard work for the benefit of all.

As a member of the Mighty Eagle Band, you have chosen to associate with some of the finest scholars, athletes, musicians, and student leaders in our school.  Our expectations are high.  Mighty Eagle Band members are challenged to grow musically and encouraged to achieve their highest potential.  In order for this to occur, students must respect their director, their fellow musicians, their instruments, the music they perform, any guests, and all of the work that each person puts into the band.  Each band member will be held accountable for his/her actions, attitudes and performances. 

We are proud of the tradition of excellence that our band program enjoys.  With your help and support, we look forward to continuing this tradition of educational excellence in music.

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