The Perry Dance Department offers a wide range of dance styles and performance opportunities. Students will learn ballet, modern, jazz, tap, hip-hop and world dance throughout the year. Some performances include the Perry Spring Concert, as well as performances at other feeder schools in CFBISD. We are excited to partner with the community to do performance outreach at various events.  Dance at Perry middle school counts as a PE credit and can be taken 1 year, 2 years, or all 3 years. 

This dance course explores both the science and the art of dance technique. Movement fundamentals that underpin contemporary dance are presented progressively with an emphasis on alignment and proper body mechanics.  Guided imagery is also provided to encourage the execution of movement in fully kinesthetic and expressive manner. Course structure includes therapeutic warm-up, center floor work, dance patterns across the floor, and elevation work.  A wide range of movement vocabulary, spatial usage, rhythmic variety, emphasis on the skills of balance and off balance, complexity of dance patterns, and attention to dynamic shadings and performance skills characterize some of the challenges of this course. 

My goal is to inspire, motivate, and enrich every student in the art of dance.  Assessing student’s strengths and areas for growth by applying teaching skills that maximize student’s enjoyment and help them reach their ultimate potential. It is my mission to always encourage and guide students as they explore movement, music, and creative expression in a structured environment.  My goal is to provide students with a positive and supportive atmosphere that strengthens the students mentally, physically, and artistically.