Incoming 6th Graders

picking an instrument in orchestra

Information about the Instruments in Orchestra:

In the Orchestra, there are 4 different instruments:

  1. Violin - The smallest, but highest sounding instrument in the string family. The Violin typically gets the melody (the part that everyone recognizes). 
  2. Viola - Slightly bigger than the Violin, but able to create a more deep, rich sound. The Viola plays a supporting role within the Orchestra. Violas are unique because they are the only instrument that plays in their own clef!
  3. Cello - The Cello is one of the two lower string instruments in the string family. The Cello is one of the few instruments that is always played sitting down and is able to achieve lower sounds.
  4. Bass - The Bass is the foundation of the Orchestra, who keep everyone together. Without the Bass, the Orchestra would not exist. 

Supplies Needed:

All Students

  1. Orchestra Expressions Book 1 (be sure to get the book for your instrument)
  2. Rosin (Violin/Viola - Sherman's Light, Cello - Sherman's Dark, Bass - Kolstein)
  3. Microfiber Cloth

Violin/Viola - Shoulder Rest (Kun brand or Everest recommended and preferred)
Cello/Bass - Slip Stop or Xeros Endpin Anchor